What is

Red Brick Studios

Red Brick Music Studios is a professional home recording studio designed to provide individual artists, bands and a variety of clientele with a space that caters to their specific musical needs and requirements. The studio includes a soundproofed vocal booth, an acoustically treated control room and a P.A. system for jam sessions. As a creative space, the producers at Red Brick Music Studios provides audio solutions to all kinds of clients which include music for Multi-National Corporations, Filmmakers, or TVC’s, however keeping the culturally local and traditional vibe intact combined with modern sounds. This includes a wide variety of percussions, ethnic stringed instruments such as the sitar, banjo, and veena, along with electronically synthesised sounds generated from state of the art software. The studio is equipped with Yamaha HS-80 monitors, an AKG condenser microphone, Shure SM-58 AND SM 57 Microphones, the LINE 6 Relay G10 for recording semi-acoustic and electric stringed instruments, and a 7 piece drum recording microphone kit.